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Chenin Blanc Grapes on the Vine

Welcome to Queensberry Gardens & the LazyDog® Vineyard​s

We invite you to experience relaxed dining & boutique-wine tasting set in our picturesque garden,  with a backdrop of breath-taking mountain views.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and that it conveys our warmest welcome to you  

Our People

Between us we have lived in more than a dozen countries and have travelled through a lot more. We talk to everyone and so have a lot of experiences to draw from. Our venture, which started in Bannockburn, and now here at Queensberry enables us to keep meeting people and sharing stories & experiences. We are pretty much self- taught, but we can’t ignore the fact that living in this area you absorb a lot of information from the environment around you. People here talk endlessly about the vines and about wine; and are pretty happy to help and share information.

Friends and Mentors