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New Winery

Friends retired after 25 years of restaurant operation in February 2018 and released to us the refrigeration units we needed to start a small winery on-site. We purchased barrels and Dean made the VCR tanks in between cooking our guest’s fillet steaks and wine platters.

All manner of pumps, hoses, and specialist wine making equipment was ordered and we pretended not to notice the dramatic effect on our bank balance.
The roof structure is assembled, concreted in and will receive its cladding in time for the 2019 vintage.

In the 2018 vintage we took 6.5 tonnes of grapes from our vineyards and made 5 wines on our own premises, under the strict direction and “hands-on” participation of our long term wine consultant and friend Jeff Sinnott:

  • LazyDog® – “Queensberry Reserve” Chenin Blanc  (for release April 2019)
  • LazyDog® – “Queensberry” Chenin Blanc
  • LazyDog® – “Sweet on Chenin” Later Harvest Chenin Blanc/ Gewürztraminer blend
  • LazyDog® – “Shady Lady” Rose 
  • LazyDog® – “Blown Away” Gewürztraminer