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Queensberry Chenin Vintage – 2014

300 cases produced. Now working under direction from Jeff Sinnott from the vineyard through to the winery.

Meticulous attention to detail in the vineyard ensured that clean ripe fruit was hand harvested in late April following a close to ideal ripening season. The grapes were de-stemmed and allowed a short period of skin contact before gentle pressing.  The free run juice was fermented in tank to allow the delicate varietal characters to express themselves.

The pressings were fermented in old French oak with slightly higher solids to build texture into the final wine. The result is a delightful wine with typical flinty citrus characters lifted by a lovely tropical “fruit punch” nose.  The palate is full bodied yet refined showing juicy pear, mandarin & stone fruit flavours balanced by fresh, lacy acidity.  We would expect this wine to develop the classic honeysuckle aromas and luscious stone fruit flavours as it develops in bottle over the next decade or so.

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Bus-Stop Vintage 2011

Chenin Blanc is one of the classic wine grape varieties of France.   Its origins date back over 1000 years where it took root in the Loire Valley.  Much like its more aromatic cousin, Sauvignon Blanc, the Chenin is a vigorous, productive variety that tends to give its most unique expression in less fertile soils and cooler sites.

Chenin is blessed with capacity to retain acidity making it highly suitable for wines worthy of cellaring.   These features combine at Queensberry in Central Otago where the poor schistous soils and cool, dry climate offer ideal growing conditions to make fine Chenin Blanc.

Three years after the initial planting we produced our first small vintage of 15 cases. This truly home-made wine became known as The “Bus Stop” vintage.  Each day we would wait for the rural school bus and chat with Jeff Sinnott (destined to become our wine maker one day) who held an enthusiasm equal to our own about growing and making Chenin Blanc!

We (Dean really) made the wine in older French oak barrels that were loaded onto a trailer. We wheeled this into the sun during the day and back into the shed at night where we swaddled the barrels in electric blankets to protect them from the freezing Central Otago winter at night and so to keep a long slow ferment from getting stuck!.

Deb Cruickshank (DC Wines) finished this first vintage for us in her small boutique winery in Cromwell, and agreed to help us the following year. We never thought, at this time, that we would ever be able to make a volume and variety of quality wine on-site ourselves?, but here we are.

Deb Cruickshank (DC Wines) finished this first vintage for us in her small boutique winery in Cromwell, and agreed to help us the following year