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The Strangest of Times - Day 1

An EMPTY Restauant & Cellar Door

So after some days of deliberation between Dean, Jack and myself, and some input from friends we have come to the obvious conclusion – and our Restaurant & Cellar Door has now suspended trade for the up-coming weeks. Actual number of weeks unknown.

To put this in perspective, we have operated our business, every day since June 2010 when we last closed the restaurant for a couple of weeks. That’s 7,500 guests a year on average or over 70,000 guest CONTACTS in that time

To have no one here – well it’s the strangest of times!

It’s not a decision about the numbers/money. It’s firstly about our family and friends and second it’s about our guests and the responsibility we feel for your health and well-being.

But don’t worry we Harker’s won’t be going anywhere. We will be here, working in our vineyard and spending much needed time in the garden – so it’s looking great for you in the months to come.

We will spend the next weeks helping our friends and neighbours bring in their grapes….whilst maintaining the correct social distance of course – Luckily there is a lot of space in a vineyard!

Take care of yourselves – we will see you soon.