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The Strangest of Times - Day 1

By Diana Harker on Mar 21, 2020

An EMPTY Restauant & Cellar Door So after some days of deliberation between Dean, Jack and myself, and some input from friends we have come to the obvious conclusion – and our Restaurant & Cellar Doo...

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Here we go again - Planting 2019

By Diana Harker on Aug 31, 2019

We have bitten the bullet, financially, yet again and made room to increase our plantings.

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Ducks Under a Harvest Moon

By Diana Harker on May 05, 2019

Our ducks enjoy their first Central Otago Harvest Moon. 

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Reserved? We've been waiting 8 years to make this wine.

By Diana Harker on Apr 15, 2019

At last -  the Chenin Blanc we have been trying to make since we planted the vines in 2008.

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Good Looking Crew for 2019 Harvest

By Diana Harker on Apr 08, 2019

The over 50's pick 4 tonne in four hours!

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Sam Kim Wine Orbit - February 2019

By Diana Harker on Mar 12, 2019

Queensberry Gardens Wines -  Chenin Blanc 2018   Elegant and restrained, the delicately expressed bouquet shows lemon peel, nectarine, rockmelon and subtle flinty notes.

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Michael Cooper - December 2018

By Diana Harker on Mar 07, 2019

Lazy Dog "Blown Away" Gewürztraminer 2018  Already enjoyable, the attractive 2018 vintage  was estate-grown at Queensberry - midway between Cromwell and Wanaka.

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Let the winery building begin....

By Diana Harker on Feb 04, 2019

I'm not making wine again this year without a concrete pad...and yes a roof would be good!

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New Trainee Lazy Dogs

By Diana Harker on Dec 17, 2018

Welcome to the new recruits....Grand puppies!

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Wine Press is on its way

By thelazydog Admin on Dec 07, 2018

Our Friends in Germany have done us proud. A second hand press in excellent condition had been found. A new bladder has been fitted and she is due to arrive in time for Christmas.

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Frozen Vines at Bud Break

By Diana Harker on Nov 28, 2018

"To frost fight:...or "not to frost fight".......this is the question

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New Winery

By thelazydog Admin on Nov 19, 2018

Friends retired after 25 years of restaurant operation in February 2018 and released to us the refrigeration units we needed to start a small winery on-site. We purchased barrels and Dean made the VCR tanks ...

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