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Bus-Stop Vintage 2011

By thelazydog Admin on Oct 16, 2011

Chenin Blanc is one of the classic wine grape varieties of France.   Its origins date back over 1000 years where it took root in the Loire Valley.  Much like its more aromatic cousin, Sauvignon ...

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Second Plantings – The “Gerti” block

By thelazydog Admin on Nov 19, 2010

In goes the 226 Gewürztraminer plants, enough for two – three barrels, and some test rows of Chardonnay. We added a second variety of Chenin Blanc to the LazyDog® Block

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Feeding the Restaurant

By thelazydog Admin on Aug 16, 2010

Established ½ hectare vegetable garden: (tomatoes, onions, garlic, pumpkins, heirloom cherry tomatoes, courgettes, cucumber, lettuces, spinach, rainbow chard, chilies, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, and broc...

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Vegetable & Herb garden

By thelazydog Admin on Nov 24, 2009

Establish modest vegetable garden (tomatoes, onions, garlic, pumpkins) Plant Herbs

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First Plantings – The LazyDog® vineyard block

By thelazydog Admin on Nov 19, 2008

In September 2008 we took up the opportunity to invest in our own bit of “dirt” in Central Otago and the first stage of Queensberry Gardens & the LazyDog® Vineyard was underway. Vineyard Che...

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The New Building

By thelazydog Admin on Oct 30, 2008

We laid the slab for our modern woolshed replica building. The build was completed in 11 weeks and we moved the business up the road to Queensberry region, in time to open Boxing Day 2008.

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LazyDog® Restaurant & Wine Bar - Bannockburn

By thelazydog Admin on May 06, 2003

Our LazyDog® is symbolic of the change in Central Otago from sheep farm to include the modern wine farm, giving rise to the first stage of our business, based initially in Bannockburn, and marketing our neig...

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