We suggest booking as our hours are subject to some seasonal variation.

Restaurant Lunch Menu

The meals we offer are prepared fresh daily. Most are automatically gluten free; or a gluten free variation can be arranged. Please feel free to discuss any food allergies you have with us on your arrival.

Vineyard Platters

Tarras Platter Serve 2 as a starter

The focus is charcuterie/cured meats; accompanied by mussels, cold smoked salmon, roasted nuts ~ tomato chili relish & cracker selection.


Benmore Platter Serve 2 as a starter

Local canal-run salmon; hot and cold smoked salmon from our kitchen ~ cream cheese, Pinot Noir jelly & garlic herb bruschetta.


Pacific Platter Serve 2 as a starter

Deep fried tempura & wonton wrapped prawns, poached Tiger prawns (chilled) ~ house chilli mayonnaise. 


Otago Platter Serve 2 as a starter

Local fromage/ cheeses, (Whitestone Blue, Camembert, Havarti), roasted nuts & dried fruit ~ house preserves, cracker selection. 


Queensberry Platter Serve 4 as a starter or 2 as a main

The chef’s choice of charcuterie/cured meats, fromage/cheese, smoked salmon, prawns, roasted nuts & dried fruit ~ house preserves, warm ciabatta loaf, cracker selection. (gfo).


Vineyard-Classic Mains

All main dishes are served with our seasonal bistro salad.

Matukituki Venison

Wild venison fillet medallions cooked to rare in a brandy, green peppercorn, cream sauce ~ served over mashed potato. 


Station Prime

Aged prime fillet steak bound with spek, and complemented by a bayonet of grilled garlic prawns ~ garlic butter sauce & roast potato pieces. 


Gladsmuir Lamb Shoulder

Slow roasted with onions and spices until tender; served in its roasting dish with gravy made from the cooking juices ~ parmesan potato gratin. 


Mt Cook Salmon Steak

Canal run salmon baked in the oven with sauce Vierge; comes with a cold smoked salmon garnish ~ roast potatoes.


Ocean Prawn Selection

Deep fried tempura & wonton wrapped cutlets, poached & chilled tiger prawns; served on a bed of shoestring fries ~ chilli mayonnaise. 


St Bathans Beef Burger

Beef burger layered with grilled cheese, streaky bacon & lettuce ~ braai sauce, onion rings & shoestring fries. 


Dunstan Daily Pie

A traditional deep dish lamb pie, cooked in a single serve crock, with pastry lid ~ parmesan potato gratin. .




 Salmon Salad

Smoked salmon pieces & poached cutlet prawns served chilled on a bed of salad greens, with cherry tomatoes, cucumber strips & roasted seeds ~ zesty lime mayonnaise & garlic herb bruschetta. 


Crispy Chicken Salad

Crispy chicken tenderloin strips served warm over mixed salad greens with, cherry tomatoes, cucumber strips & roasted seeds ~ aioli mayonnaise & garlic herb bruschetta.. 


Thin Crust Pizza 

Gone Fishing Pizza

Smoked salmon, prawn & cream cheese ~ mozzarella & chilli jelly. 


Carnivore Pizza

Beef, bacon & salami ~ mozzarella & Braai sauce. 


Basil Pesto Pizza

Basil pesto ~ mozzarella, & fresh tomato slices. 


Kids Classics

Working-Dog Tucker

Fries & crispy chicken tenderloin pieces ~ tomato sauce. 


Kids Platter

A platter of goodies ~ crispy chicken bites, apple slices, crackers, cheese slices, crisps, snack bar and chocolate treat.


Cheesy Pizza Bread

Thin crust pizza ~ tomato pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese & a little bacon.





Passion Fruit Silk

Silky passion fruit mousse in a sweet shortcrust cup. ~ whipped cream.



Mt Pisa Pavlova

Traditional meringue. ~ whipped cream & house preserved Rosé berries.



Chocolate Torte

Rich, moist chocolate & hazelnut fudge slice.~ Vanilla Bean ice cream & chocolate glaze.


Ice Cream Boat

Local gourmet Vanilla Bean ice cream ~ choose from chocolate or caramel glaze.


Affogato (“Drowned” Ice cream)

Espresso & a shot of Galliano Amaretto poured over vanilla bean ice cream.