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Our 6.2 hectare block is situated at the heart of the Queensberry growing region, midway between Cromwell & Wanaka facing the iconic St Bathans mountain range. 


The vineyard blocks we planted have the right combination of factors to help them be successful.

At an elevation of 303m they reside on a gentle slope of free-draining soils (wind-blown loess, gravel, schist and mineral quartz) that are relatively high in organic matter.

We achieve the required grower degree days of around 1000 annually experiencing hot days and cool nights.

The long, warm, dry and still autumns allow the fruit to hang on the vines long enough to ripen this far south. The Pinot Noir particularly enjoys the low humidity & rainfall.

The outlook from our workplace is inspiring. What a great place to work.

Viticulture Focus

We know that wine is made in the vineyard and the varietals we have chosen give their most unique expression in the less fertile soils and cooler sites of our region.  

Comprehensive attention to detail in the vineyard is carried through to our winery and ensures these varietals truly reflect and translate the site they have grown on.

We produce traditional single-vineyard wines as well as contemporary blends from the grapes grown on our site.

Vineyard Blocks

We have crated three distinct vineyard blocks on our property to date, each with its own unique character:


LazyDog® Vineyard Block 2018 – 1.2 hectares

2018 Plantings

Chenin Blanc vines comprise the bulk of our original “LazyDog® vineyard block at just over one hectare total area, visible from SH6, and the entrance to our property.  

In 2018 we extended the original LazyDog® block bringing it closer to the back of the restaurant adding in a further 11 rows now planted in Chardonnay 548

2008 Planting

The first vines we planted. 800 Chenin Blanc vines planted in rain, hail and snow! but look at the result.

The Chenin Blanc vines have performed spectacularly and comprise the largest volume of  wine made here under our own label. We made three distinctly different Chenin Blanc wines from this one block in 2018.


Jack’s Prospect Block 2016 – 2 hectares

Separated by an elegant avenue the Jack’s Prospect Vineyard block provides space for over 5000 vines visible from the Dining & Wine Tasting space

Pinot Noir is grown both sides of the avenue.  The first hectare of Pinot Noir, 2500 vines, was planted October 2016. We have planted a variety of Pinot Noir clones including 943, 828, 667, UCD 5, Dijon 115,

We also planted a trial of Chardonnay 121 which inspired us to go ahead and put in more substantial plantings of the 548 varietal in 2018.

Additional UCD 5 vines have been planted in 2018 and there is space for 1500 more in the south part of the block. Pinotage will be planted in October 2019


Gertie Vineyard Block 2010 – 0.2 hectare

Following the establishment of the LazyDog block in 2008 a second small vineyard was constructed mid-2010.   Our modest planting of Gewürztraminer dominates the Gertie vineyard block to the south of our building, where it is well sheltered from our famous spring wind.